Is business intelligence still important?

Just 2 years ago business intelligence was one of the hottest buzz words on the internet, every company who care just a little bit about themselves had to implement some sort of BI solution, but it turned out that only a very few percentage of those who had installed a BI system actually used it on a regular basis. For most part it was just sitting there collecting data, data that wasn’t used for anything.
There were two main reasons for this. The first being that a lot of companies didn’t get the system configured properly, so that it may not be gathering the right type af data for that company. This often happens when a business just use the default configurations without considering what they actually need from a BI system.
The other reasons is the lack of education in the systems, without the proper training it can be really hard to use a large business intelligence system and get the most out of it. An example is our new case here at Case: danbaby which shows how baby carriers could be sold globally, by using business intelligence.

Kvali Briketter - an example of a company which failed to use BI

Companies who have gained from analysis

Kvali Briketter was one of those companies. They had invested a lot of money in a state of the art BI system 2 years ago, but never really got around to use it. They choose the system as they thought it would help them sell more of their main product Brænde, get a better logistic procedure and making the whole business more organized. KvaliBriketter bought the system, and send one of their employees on an a training class for a few weeks, but a month later, he quit the company, and they never got around to do train another person. So now they are just focusing on their website as you can see here at behance, and don’t really use their BI system for anything.

The company Kvali Briketter isn’t far from the only company in this situation. Recent surveys shows that more than 60% of those companies who implemented a business intelligenve system within the last 3 years, isn’t really using it active any more. It’s really a pity since it’s an expensive system to invest in, but what is even more sad, is that a lot of these companies, could actually improve their whole business quite a but, if they just took the time to configure those systems properly, and have few good people who know how to use them.

Here’s a small video that explains some of the basics behind BI and how to get more out of it.