Case: Baby carrier company Danbaby goes global

The danish baby carrier production company Danbaby, which produces baby carriers similar to the known Ergobaby 360 brand has used BI to step it all up a bit.
Instead of just selling their baby carriers in Denmark, they want to expand production and start selling on a global scale.
For a company of this size, it’s a huge step. A step that wouldn’t be quite as easy without a bunch of data to optimize everything. On of these tools is the Targit BI suite, which is used to minimize production costs, and to optimize shipping and logistics. Something that is suddenly becomming much more important for Danbaby.
With their new baby carrier – Baby Bæreseler they now have a product which is good enough to take up competition with the major brands like Babybjørn, Stokke and Ergobaby. But let’s take a look at how they managed to get into the global market.

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Increasing production while lowering prices on Baby Bæreseler

The most important thing for Danbaby was to lower the expensive production costs, and being able to scale the production level to fit the new demands. The local factory in Denmark wasn’t big enough to produce enough baby carriers, and the capacity couldn’t be increased enough to meet the new supply levels. So they started a new factory in Turkey, build on the latest technology and big enough to be able to produce 150 times the amount they produced on the old factory, and at roughly 65% of the costs.
They were able to do so, since the cost of building a factory of this size is much lower in Turkey, and because they could use all the Business Intelligence data from their old system to build a new optimized procedure.

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Lower shipping costs on the baby carriers

Another advantage of moving the production factory of baby carriers to Turkey was that the shipping costs went down with about 20%. Using the Turkish shipping companies was much cheaper than using the Danish ones. A 20% lower shipping cost was something that could help bring down the price on their new baby carrier – Baby Bæresele, so that it could compete on a global level with the other more known baby carrier brands. Something that would prove to be quite the challange for a small company like this. Some of the other baby carrier brands are huge companies with tons of resources behind them, so it’s a tough marked to get into.

Finding the right places to sell the baby carriers

The next big step was finding some good global resellers. Amazon and similar sites was of course the first choices, but they also needed to get their products displayed in some of the big baby stores and many other stores selling baby gear. This turned out to be quite hard a task, as they didn’t have a brand most people knew about. But also here their data collection came in handy. Using historical data they could show the companies how well other stores had done with their baby carriers, and what kind of sale and profit the stores could expect, if they started to sell Danbaby’s products. This made it a lot easier to get a few of the bigger stores, such as Walmart to add their new baby carrier to their stock.

Here 14 months later, everything is going as planned. A lot of the good planing was also due to good use of BI management tools, which aided greatly in the project management, and in order to keep everything on track. The new factory is done and has started producing the first batch of baby carriers, which should soon hit the various stores around Europe and later this year the US.

What Is The Goal Of Data Analytics?

Some of us got a big question on our minds on what is data analytics and what is its goal. Data analytics is generally a process of analyzing data for cleaning, inspecting, modeling data and transforming with the goal on getting useful information, supporting decision making and suggesting conclusions. Data analytics has multiple approaches and facets. It encompasses some diverse techniques under various names in different business, social science and science domains. Analyzing data either small or big data is vital. It will provide you some applicable method to be used in any purpose likely on your business. In fact, this method has been used with many companies out there because they believed that this is efficient and proficient. Data analytics typically refers to quantitative and qualitative process and techniques used to improve business gain and productivity. Data analytics is commonly known as BI or business intelligence when it’s on a large enough scale. Data is categorized after extracted in order to analyze and identify patterns and behavioral data. The techniques vary according to some structural requirements. Business tool is needed when managing a business especially on using trusted software to store the data of your business. This data will be very important for the growth of the company.

Analyzing data
Data analytics from the word data analysis might give you an idea on what it is all about. From the word “data”, means bunch of information and “analytics or analysis”, means inspecting, cleaning, modeling the data and transforming it into information that is useful for future plans and preparations as well as decision making. You can get some conclusion after analyzing the data and you are sure enough that you are doing the right thing. Analyzing data is a process wherein you will use large amount of data or big data and getting useful information such as trådløs videoovervågning and kamearaovervågning.


After analyzing data, you will then come up on a certain conclusion. This will help you and guide you on making the right decision making activities. Additionally, you are sure that your preparation such as remedies for company issues are effective and appropriate to solve the problem. Of course, guessing should not be involved in managing a business. You need to make sure that you have the right information within your business in order to track down the real issue on the company. Then the resolution comes next. You can decide on what kind of solution that you are going to use. Guessing on the company problem should not be done so that your effort on putting an application to solve the problem will work. If using programs such as trådløs videoovervågning, BDC (big data compress), kostumer, DDI or one of the many other analysis programs, you can start to take action based on those data, and help improve your business.


Big data
As mentioned above, data is very important. This is the material that goes on the process of cleaning, inspecting, modeling data and transforming into valuable information. Cleaning process of the data is essential in order to designate those important ones to non-important ones and to categorize it. After cleaning, inspecting the data would be the next thing to do. It will inspect the data if those are applicable and relevant for the company. The company kostumer og udklædning which are selling the system trådløs videoovervågning recent started using a new approach to big data and analysis. Modeling data and transforming it would be the last processes wherein you will be provided with useful information as the end process of data analytics. This is the goal of data analytics in a nutshell.


  • The Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution

    Using the ERP system - Microsoft Dynamics AX with Business IntelligenceAre you aware that you can have innovative business software which can greatly aid your business and take it to a whole new level? We are of course talking about ERP systems such as the Microsoft Dynamics Series (GB,AX, NAV, CRM) – systems that functions very well with various reporting software and many business intelligence systens. Microsoft Dynamics AX is now ready to help any business that needs it usefulness and advantage. If you are looking for business solution, then this tool is good for global enterprise. It supports the operational business process and the industry-specific process. So, when it comes on any presentation for the organization and for future plans for the organization, this tool would be the right one. It would surely grow and transform your business. We all know that many businesses in the market today find hard to look for the best software or tool to be used for their organization. Thus, they have to be aware that they would be more innovative on their tools like using the Microsoft Dynamics family. It has several systems to be used for the financial system. Your financial system can adapt and evolve to their ever-changing business needs. Discovering industry solutions would never be difficult using this tool. Any operational process and administrative process of organizations, this key comes with localization. Any good and for the better of the business, Microsoft Dynamics will always is useful and applicable of business operations such as business intelligence ax or dashboard dynamics gp using Baby Bæreseler. The best part with these systems is that you don’t always require a seperate data warehouse for your BI system as it can pull the data directly from your ERP system. Read more about this here on our old post about baby carriers which you can see right here

    Microsoft Dynamics AX can be your best solution for any enterprise resource planning (ERP). This tool is known formerly as Microsoft Axapta. It is fully integrated Microsoft enterprise resource planning tool for distribution, manufacturing and retail. It empowers people to antedate and to embrace change. It enables organization to prosper. It can be your powerful foundation which is purposely built for distribution, services, retail, manufacturing and public sector. It is also comprehensive, and serves as the core enterprise resource planning functions intended for human resources, financial and operations management like dynamics ax reporting or reporting dynamics ax for your business intelligence tool. This means that, anything you want for the solution of any business operations and business management, you would remain confident that you are doing the right thing. Any single or global solution can provide customers an instant time to value. Manufacturing and distribution of business operations are both important. Business operations are apparently difficult task and an expert to business is needed. But as long as you have the Microsoft family and Microsoft Dynamics AX, you would have the assurance that you are on the right decision to use the software. a danish company selling kostumer og bæreseler, recently changed to a Microsoft Dynamics AX system, and could after 2 weeks see a big improvement, in several ways they did things around the office.

    The importance of Microsoft Dynamics AX is always remarkable in such organization. The efficacy of the tool is never questioned with its performance. Many enterprises are helped by software like dynamics ax reporting. It doesn’t only show it becomes effective but it also makes sense because of its being innovative. Since we are now on the modern times, why not use the sophisticated software for your organization and let the whole business operations run smoothly. There is nothing to worry about because business operations and business management systems will be both handled well by the innovative Microsoft Dynamics AX. In recognition with the efficacy of Microsoft dynamics family, the Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution is one of the most effective and relevant types of software for localization and BI used today.


    Data Mining – Take Control On Your Business

    Kvali Briketter og BrændeBy now, most of us are already aware that there are lots of different techniques and bunch of strategies on how we handle and take control on our business. There are classes on how you can education yourself in order to be better at running a company, be a better leader and all sorts of personal evolvement classes which seems to be very popular these days.

    However, we are not absolutely sure if we are on our 100% assurance that we are now using the right tool to make our business effective, efficient and successful which is why many signup for things such as Briketter or other enhancement programs. From the start of constructing our business, we need to look first on what are we going to do on our business and how we control it so that we have all the important information to be at ease on the decisions we might come up. Did you ever heard about data mining? Yes, there might say that they have not heard it since before and until now. But, there are those who are using it and are experiencing success on their business since the day they applied it on their business. Like in many other things, getting the most out of a company is a fine balance between the right personal, the right hardware and the right software. It is pretty true that controlling a business can be a daunting task either it is a small or a big business. Bear in mind that we are talking about money when we are touching business concerns like they teach at Kvali Briketter which you can find here at their site. So, we have to make sure that the business technique application we are using would guarantee that we are utilizing the right business technique for each individual company. Just like baby bæreseler did with their new models of baby carriers for babies, using high end Olap and analytics tools to increase sales and enter the global marked.

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    Data mining can surely be your weapon when it comes on an application on how to make your business be efficient and effective as you can see here at the site about Decision making in a business should be planned and analyzed well so that you would not be frustrated and would face a huge problem on your business in the future. With the help of data mining, it would be easy for you to retrieve hidden information and extract the useful information from the masses of data and use it for analyzing. Decision-making would never be an easy task when we talk about business. Bear in mind that whatever decision you have made, you would taking your business at risk and with data mining, you would be assisted and serves as your guide to make your business plans become successful. During analyzing process for specific decision making, the large information of data will be presented and will be useful to come up any right decisions made. It is part of the decision making process to make sure that you are planning well on whatever decisions you made.

    What types of information you need to process

    When you are handling masses of large information, you need to extract that information and come up information you will be used for your decision making. Yes, this can be a tough job because whatever decisions made when it comes to Kvali Briketter or Brænde, it would give or has a result which will bring your business to what would be its result like at Bilforsikring is a program similar to Briketter which helps you become something more and be able to focus better and push yourself harder. It is true that it would be hard to find a good and perfect business tool to be use but you should have to make sure that you seek for the right and ideal tool to be use on your business. When you pick the right business tool like data mining, then any decision making process would be easy for you. Data mining would be your best choice on analyzing and planning for decision making into your business.

    Project Using Lathes

    Doing a woodworking project will never be an easy tasks especially to those who are not professionals on this field. Woodworking had been popular since it comes out. From wood carving, wood designing and doing wood furniture, wood lathes are very useful. As with all lathes, Briketter or equipment, keep the lathe and the Briketter fresh. Never fresh with simple arms and always with the energy off. I have been in many device stores and been shocked by the situation of the equipment and perform places. I know that some excellent perform comes out of stores that look like a pigsty but would you keep your useful venture in a store that looks like a explosive device just went off? Maybe these could have been prevented if you had been using some proper data warehouse or data mining software to do some simulations first.

    There is a lot of discussion on boards about less expensive lathes doing excellent project and this may be so. But after you have had your brænde for a while, you’ll appreciate the better excellent of the lathe and how it just keeps on operating well providing excellent project done on a wide range of materials and needs just primary servicing. Components for this product of lathe are available and you don’t have end up awaiting an offshore distribution time whenever you want that unique device such as the briketter found here at one of the many online information sites. These types of Metal drejebænke are used for setting up the various cubes used in modern data mining systems, which basically is a collection of all the relevant data, gathered in one place for fast access and table optimizations.

    Woodworking are done by professionals using a quality briketter or lathe would made a perfect masterpiece for most carpenters. Wood made working lathe is a very exclusive device to generate wooden things as in woodworking lathe the wood revolves instead of the resources. These Billig Briketter and lathes are discovered in a wide range of designs but the most regularly used are either little desk top lathes or very huge free-standing lathes that are secured to the earth. There are two kinds of woodworking lathes available.

    Billige Briketter på tilbud til private og til firmaer

    Spindle turning: it is often used to make pointed things such as desk feet. To begin the procedure of transforming wood into a completed item the raw content is set from both the stops such as Slankekur. The first part is connected at the headstock of the lathe where spinning spindle is connected and the second part is connected to the end inventory. The spinning spindle is then switched on with a engine or base your pedal which begins the spinning like here at Billig Briketter from archilovers.

    Faceplate turning: This kind of lathes are used to generate things like wooden servings etc. In such briketter e and lathes the raw content, the wood is connected to one faceplate and then it is further set to the spindle of the headstock of the woodworking lathe or a metal drejebænk.

    There are lots of wood lathes available and offered in the market. If you are dreaming to have some one and owned it, then you have to look for it and find the best possible metal drejebænke or nyt tag for your needs. Since there are lots of manufacturers of this device, seeking for the right and ideal one that assures a quality project must be done. You might pick a lathe that will only fail you expectation like it will not give you a satisfying project done. So, you have to be wise on picking the right lathe and choose a device of all the lathes offered in the market.