Why data analysis are so important

mathematics analyticsThere are still a lot of online companies that don’t care about data analysis. They sell their products or services online, but don’t really take the time to analyse small things like how their customers find their site, or how those people use their website. Things like ROI or convertion ratios arn’t something they really care about it. I have a friend running a website selling Halloween kostumer, he didn’t care about things either, but that really changed when he found out how he could improve his business by analysing his data and taking action on those findings. For instance by analysis which adwords that wasn’t performing very well and deleting those, he cut down the adwords cost with about 20% without looing any sales. He could analyse his google analytics account and see which of his landing pages had a high bounce rate and then modify those pages, so that his visits stayed there a bit longer. He could see how the various changes to his website affected his return of investment, and after half a year of optimizing his website, based on data analytics, he actually managed to boost his sales with a whole 55% without increasing his marketing budget. So now he is selling a lot more halloween kostumer, and spending several hours a month going though various data for his website and constantly improving his business, based on those data. Sometimes this requires certain math skills, but most of the time it’s something you can easily do with just a standard knowledge of mathematics and numbers.

Who can benefit from data analysis?

There are many other business out there that could benefit greatly from data analysis, not only in the online sector but also locally. Often it’s a bit easier to do this online, when you have great free tools like Google analytics to help you. The worst part is, that there are still millions of online companies that haven’t even installed a statistics tool, so they don’t know (or care) about how people find their website, where they come from, and how they use the website. The same goes for container use in army technology. Something that should be important to everybody as you can see in this example about baby carriers and bæreseler – here.
For instance if I could see that a lot of people arrived to my site from an article on a certain website, it might be worth considering some kind of paid or sponsored advertising on that website, or if my conversion ratio was really bad compared to other companies in my niche, then maybe it was time to get a new website or improving the old one. I have seen several examples of companies improving their convertion ratios with 100-200% after getting a brand new website, where convertions and usability was in focus. So if you have a high volumn of sales, then this is certainly something that might be worth looking into.
Another example would be to use analytics to see which keywords was driving traffic to you website. Take the best ones, and see if you could increase that traffic even more, by doing some onpage search engine optimizations. Often it doesn’t take much to gain a few extra places, which could in return, easily double the amount of traffic from that keyword.

Kostumer joins the Datamining Club

kostumer - billig bæreseler and kostume onlineThe Danish company Online Kostumer – www.onlinekostumer.dk has also joined the club of business which uses data mining in order to get the most out of their huge amount of stored data. They are a large company selling all types of costumes such as Halloween kostumer, Tyroler kostumer, Sidste skoledags kostume and many other types of popular customes to both local and international buyers. Over the years they have build up a huge database of customers and their collection of products has also increased quite a bit. But like many other companies they only stored all of these data in their ERP system but never got around to do anything more with them, other than using them for their yearly financials and looking at which products was selling the best.
A few months ago they finally surrendered to the pressure of dr. Martin Philips and installed some business intelligence software to analyse their data using data mining technology. Already having all their sales data, customer data, product informations etc. stored in their ERP system it was rather easy to install a tool that required almost no setup in order to access their data and make the cubes needed for data drilling and BI.

Now Online Kostumer can actually get a lot more information from their stored info and can real time see informations such as trend spotting, like which product is most likely to be the best selling ones in 2013 in Sweden, or males between 16-18 will most likely be buying 30% of custome 1, 22% of custome 2 and 11% of custume 3. They can see which costumers are costing them money rather than earning money and many other types of relevant stuff when it comes to things like tyroler kostume or oktoberfest kostume from online shops which have target their marked using BI or DSS tools. Just like they did at Baby Bæreseler, a company selling baby carriers around the world.
Both Online Kostumer and babybaereseler.dk a sister company also selling kostumer of all kinds have implemented data mining and have seen the how effective such tools can be for planning and optimizing business elements. This goes for both halloween kostumer, sidste skoledags kostume ect. So it all comes down to picking the right system for your needs.

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But only because both baby-bæreseler .dk and Online Kostumer had all of their data stored in their erp systems, was it this easy to install a business intelligence system and within a few days provide them with a way of cross analysing their informations in real time and drill into varius data clusters, change variables and see how a small change in one area are likely to effect the others etc. It’s always interesting to see other companies having success with data mining and how they can use various datamining technologies to improve their business and find new ways of getting the most out of their stored info.


Advancements in Data Mining

When you are looking for the best software on the planet, to be use for improving your business, data mining might be one of these tools for you. An application that one uses and covers will be data mining, mostly with one’s knowledge in the innovation of software advancement. In a mining data tool, mining data software, such as Tegl or Tagpap, involves the artifacts that need to be understood which exist as a tool. Data mining is a tool which can be used by every businessman in order to make their businesses competitive. This is a kind or a process in which it has very close relations with a reverse engineering. The facts that one gains from studying data software tool that exists, it is also presented in forms of models and by working these questions as you can see on many of the various online sites dealing with this topic.
It is very important that you have to seek for the right tools such as tegl or tagpap from tagprofferne.dk and techniques to be applied for your business. You need to make sure that the tool you are using is applicable for your business. The information will be collected and will be filtered using data mining. It helps a lot to control your business. The entire information that can be gathered and collected will be use for controlling and managing a business. It is needed that you take control on your business so that you will surely bring it into the gem of success and not into its failure. Of course, you need to hire an ideal data mining agent who is expert on the field. If you had hired an agent whom you can trust with and who is reliable to do the tasks, you are sure enough that you will have a business that is confident to go with the flow into the world of business industry. It is very helpful that you have a database in which you can store and back up the important information from your business. CS or computer science covers generally on what are the processes and steps of mining software and how are you going to utilize the tool.

datamining system from tagprofferne.dk - tagpapData mining can also be used in making of schemes, database schemes which is one of the key features in tagpap the datamining system from tag-profferne.dk or gratistagtjek.dk. There are people who think that making database can be as easy they are think of, but, if you are not expert on it, you are just wasting your time as it must have knowledge about it. Data mining is actually by level. You need to be aware that this tool is invented by level in which you need to follow its level before proceeding into the next level. You must follow its level in order to make sure that you are on the right path. To name the levels of data mining, these are: data level, architectural level, design level, call graph level, data level and program level. These levels come with data mining tools but it actually depends on what covers the level that you are going to use. With the introduction of the computer age, this data mining software was invented which is very helpful for those people who are in need of software to make their business effective and successful.