Danish container company – case

We have in our previous posts established that analyzing your data is really important. But what happens when you skip this part, and don’t really pay attention to your data? Let’s take a look at this case, where a large danish container company, totally ignored their data analysis and just went with their gut feeling.

container pavillon

Products – mobilkøkken and pavillon

The company had to different strategies, one selling and rent normal containers, and renting out special contains that had been heavily modified for a certain need. Those two products consisted of:

The mobile kitchen – Mobilkøkken

The product Mobilkøkken was a special container, that had been modified to serve as a high tech mobile kitchen. See examples of a mobile kitchen here at Twitter – Baby Bæreseler.
These mobile kitchens was made of a large container, which had been equipped with a stove, oven and all the things that a professionel kitchen needs, in order to be able to cook dinner for op to 400 people. Since it’s a container, it can be easily moved and relocated, and you only had to plugin water and electricity and you are up and running. A useful product if you are renovating your office or a large living complex.

The Pavillon

The pavillon is another example of a special container unit. This one has been modified so that it could be used as a transportable pavillon. For instance you could use it as an additional storage facility, a show room, or as with the local school – a temporary class room. The good part with this product, is that it’s much faster to just place a pavillon, than building a whole new room. It may not be the most pretty solution, but as a quick temporary solution, it’s very useful. Another use for the container pavillon is the military as you can see in this example.

Ignoring your data

The container company rented and sold their containers mainly from their website, but they didn’t any kind of data analysis tools installed. They also didn’t use the data they got from the various offline sales. So all they actually paid attention to, was if a month had made any profit, or if it was bad month, costing them money.

Baby Bæreseler - creative use of a high tech baby carriers and containers

Collecting the data

A friend of mine was hired to do something about this, so that they could have a little idea, what worked and what didn’t work.
So he installed a simple ERP system and setup some data collection tools. The same tool used by the Danish baby carrier company Baby Bæreseler.
Four months late he visited them again, so show that he had been able to find in their data.

Why you should analyse your data

Based on his findings, it was easy to see what the problems was. Tracking the user flow around the website, you could see that they spend a lot of time looking for the products, and once they had found them, a lot of them was unable to locate the contact forms or see how they could rent them. A lot of people was also searching for prices, and when not found, they just left the page instead of filling out a contact form. There was also a lot of link that pointed to dead pages, both intern and external pages.

Now that the problem was identified, it was time to take action based on these data.
The main thing was to increase the user experience, and somehow increase their very poor conversion ratios. So they hired a professionel web company to go over their website and come up with a plan to help the customers find the information easier. This worked pretty well for the company Baby Bæreseler, which produces quality baby carriers around the world.
A month later, several parts of the navigation structure on the website had been changed, more information pages and shortcuts had been added. Since it wasn’t possible to give an exact price, a page with some pricing examples and a big contact us for an exact price, had been added.

The conclusion

Two months later you could clearly see a change in the analysis. The changes had resultet in a 50% increase in contact requiets (either by phone or their contact form), and a lot of those additional contacts resultet in a conversion. All this was something they would never have discoved without analysing their data, and had they done it a two years earlier, they would have saved quite a lot of money by renting out more of their special products the mobilkøkken and the pavillon.

Analysing your data is always important, and as you could see in this case, they actually lost quite a bit of money, just because they had choosen to ignore the analysis part.
Most of the times it doesn’t even require much to get started on this. So do yourself a favor and begin to analyse your data, and use those data to improve your business.

Here’s a small video to help you get started on installing a simple analysis tool on your own website.

Is business intelligence still important?

Just 2 years ago business intelligence was one of the hottest buzz words on the internet, every company who care just a little bit about themselves had to implement some sort of BI solution, but it turned out that only a very few percentage of those who had installed a BI system actually used it on a regular basis. For most part it was just sitting there collecting data, data that wasn’t used for anything.
There were two main reasons for this. The first being that a lot of companies didn’t get the system configured properly, so that it may not be gathering the right type af data for that company. This often happens when a business just use the default configurations without considering what they actually need from a BI system.
The other reasons is the lack of education in the systems, without the proper training it can be really hard to use a large business intelligence system and get the most out of it. An example is our new case here at Case: danbaby which shows how baby carriers could be sold globally, by using business intelligence.

Kvali Briketter - an example of a company which failed to use BI

Companies who have gained from analysis

Kvali Briketter was one of those companies. They had invested a lot of money in a state of the art BI system 2 years ago, but never really got around to use it. They choose the system as they thought it would help them sell more of their main product Brænde, get a better logistic procedure and making the whole business more organized. KvaliBriketter bought the system, and send one of their employees on an a training class for a few weeks, but a month later, he quit the company, and they never got around to do train another person. So now they are just focusing on their website as you can see here at behance, and don’t really use their BI system for anything.

The company Kvali Briketter isn’t far from the only company in this situation. Recent surveys shows that more than 60% of those companies who implemented a business intelligenve system within the last 3 years, isn’t really using it active any more. It’s really a pity since it’s an expensive system to invest in, but what is even more sad, is that a lot of these companies, could actually improve their whole business quite a but, if they just took the time to configure those systems properly, and have few good people who know how to use them.

Here’s a small video that explains some of the basics behind BI and how to get more out of it.

Using Decision Support Systems to find information

Kvali vinduer - using management system to boost sales of Bæreseler and baby carriers.Many companies all around the world are actually using management systems, that are strong enough which will make them even stronger for the future change. Yes, change is always present and this world is constantly in change. So, a business should always be ready and should always be attentive so that they can easily adapt any possible changes to happen. But the only problem with some businesses is that, they still have problems today on their business on how to manage well. They have lack of information and knowledge on how to deal such rising problem. So, how can their business survive in the future in time that business industry gets more competitive and complicated. So, businesses should easily adapt anything change that might that comes up. With the innovation of decision support systems, managers can easily deal on no matter what levels of issue within the business it might be. Business should have its weapon when it comes on any issues that might appear. So, a business technique or business tool is needed. DSS or Decision Support Systems to be called would assure that any information within your entire business can be compiled for possible analysis on business operations. An example of this is the danish company Babybæreseler, selling baby carriers as you can see here Babybæreseler. They had for several years been running their company the way they always do, until suddenly a new time caught up with them, and other companies were digging into their marked shares. Having access to a huge amount of data, and with the right BI and Dashboard tools, they were able to identify the problems, and one of the big problems was that more and more sales were being online, and only a very limited amount of their products was available in their online store. This was of course only one of the issues, but still a quite important one, and one that was easily identified by their management tools, after they learned how to use them properly. By using a good Dashboard or Decision Support system, you can become better at spotting these problems in time, and taking care of them, before they become actual problems. You can spot trends, and take action in good time, something that could have saved Kvali vinduer, a lot of money had they been able to take action a bit earlier, rather than then the direction was beginning to complain about bad sales numbers.

Computer based information system

The computer-based information system will support managers to compile the data they have gathered to be easily analyzed and come up business solutions that will help business issues. Decision making activities should be common in a business. Right decisions from an organization would help a business bring it into success. Another thing, if a business is encountering a problem regarding on customers, a business tool would help. To compile useful information, it is needed that you are using a business tool wherein you can store all the useful information that can be applicable for a business. Decision support systems include knowledge-based system. Knowledge would always be a part of business operations. Decision support systems serve the operations, management and planning levels of a business and help making any decision-making. DSS can be combined fully computerized and human. It can also be either of them. There are rapid changes in a business and this can be easily deal with through this kind of business tool. More more about baby bæreseler and baby carrier types here at Baby Carriers build on BI

Decision support systems can be difficult to define. Decision support systems defined not the same according to the authors. They have different definitions. They described it differently. But no matter what kind of definition it might be, it still comes up into one concept but only to be used for compiling information for decision making activities. Controlling and managing a business well cannot be possible without having any relevant information. It will assist any manager to do such decision making. DSS is one of the most relevant tools from business intelligence software. It does a lot of purpose why you will use it for your entire business. A business manager would not encounter any problem when using decision support systems because of its easiness to use and effective. Your business would succeed in its goal using the tool.

Keep track of your data with Google Analytics

kostumerWith various businesses on the internet, it would be hard for you to market your products and services. With higher competition on the internet, it would be hard for you market your business’ website instantly just like what other businesses have got. If you check on some online businesses, you would find out that there are numbers of them that become popular. Some business websites become popular and gets a higher rating of customers because of the numbers of visitors and getting potential customers. Google analytics is a kind of service being offered by Google. It generates detailed status of your website. It provides statistics on your website’s traffic measures and sources conversions and sales. Therefore, this can be an effective tool that would provide you some details that will let you think of an idea on how to deal on the issue. Keeping track on the traffic of your website can be easy with the use of this tool. This will give you an idea on the right thing that you would do next for your website. Keeping track on the traffic of your website is very important. But even more important is that you can use these data to get a lot more out of your website. If you drill down into the data you can see what your customers are actually looking for and if they are having a hard time finding what they are looking for. For instance how man clicks did they need to find the right page? How long do they stay on your site or does it scare them away within seconds? There are many really valuable information to be found if you really take your time to analyse the data properly. Take a look at our new case here, about a danish container company selling Mobilkøkken and Pavillon. It clearly shows why it’s so important with Analytics or some type of analytics tool – Case – Danish container company

udklaedningGoogle analytics aimed to help businesses on the internet. Using this tool, you will be aware that you need more advertising tool to enhance your website. The product is aimed at advertisers as opposed to website masters and technologists from which web analytics had originally grown. Google analytics had been used website statistics service. This is a kind of website analytics that would provide you details on how your website is effective. Google analytics have basic service that is free of charge and there is premium version which is available for free. With the use of Google analytics, you can easily track the visitors and even potential customers from all referrers. These referrers include social networks and search engines, with referring sites and direct visits. With this, you will be able to know the status of your website. You will be able to be aware if your website is a better site or not. With this, you can easily decide on what would be your best thing to do when making your website more effective.

teglGoogle analytics display advertising, email marketing, pay-per-click networks and even digital collateral like links in PDF documents. Google analytics has approach that shows high-level and more in depth-date using dashboard-type data for any casual user. Google analytics can track poor websites. It gives you details that your website needs to be enhanced or need to have SEO. Google analytics provides analytics on a particular website. It will give you the information you need when it comes on the status of your webpage. Increasing numbers of website visitors and even potential customers is a good thing. This means that you are using effective marketing tool. This will increase the chance of making your website effective and interesting that would easily catch the attention and interest of people who surf online. Google analytics really help a lot when it comes to the face of your business.

Just like it helped for the company kostumer, it might also benefit your company. Here’s a small video about the advantages of installing a data analysis tool.

Get The Top Resource Using Data Mining

targit business intelligence software using data miningThe importance of software becomes truly advantage for those who owned business. If you are handling either small or medium-sized business, data mining will always still be essential. Discovery of knowledge in a certain database is now viral since it helps many businesses to track down those important files of information for whatever purpose for the data. The essentialities of data from a business will entirely give ideas and helpful information on whatever plans for the better good of the business. The reports and details from a company should be gathered and collected from a certain database and stored in database for the analysis process. The analysis step of knowledge discovery would assist for any computational process. The computational process of discovering patterns within the large data sets would involve methods. The large data sets involve methods at the connection of machine learning, database systems, artificial intelligence and statistics. Extracting information from a data set is the overall goal within the process of data mining. After the information gathered and extracted, it will turn into important information that consist of helpful data for the preparation and plans. However, preparation and plans for the business will not be done without thorough analysis. The analysis procedure from the information will filter all the important information to come up useful data for the entire business. Many other types of programs such as business intelligence software, decision support systems (dss) or various dashboard and reporting tools make use of data mining in order to be able to display the proper data to you and help you make the right decisions for your company.

Data mining would do the knowledge discovery that would extract information and turns it into an understandable structure for future use and plans. Future preparations and plans for the business will be a better and bright idea. Also, it handles on the raw analysis step. It involves the data management and database aspects, inference and model considerations, interestingness metrics, visualization, online updating, data pre-processing, post-processing of discovered structures and complexity considerations. The data management will be successfully and effectively handled with the help of data mining. Any information from the business can be a way for the efficacy and success of the business. So, any business would absolutely need the assistance of business software. It will lessen the work and it would effectively track down the information within the business. After that, any analysis for the better of the business would be easy. The analysis process and any techniques for the good of the business will be provided by the capacity and capability of data mining to discover knowledge.

Data mining uses data or information from the past and previous data in order to analyze any outcome of a particular issue or problem. It would provide you some ideas that would help you out from any problems within your business facing. Any situation that may arise from the business can be easily tracked down and discovered with the help and advancement of data mining software. It doesn’t only gives the favor to easily discover the problems within the business but it entirely help whatever issues might arise within the company. The actual data mining would do a lot of things and help. It does automatic or semi-automatic analysis of any huge quantities of data such as billig brænde or briketter. The data will be extracted previously unknown interesting patterns such as the data records dependencies and unusual records. Using business intelligence or data analytics you can easier get the best overview over the situation and see which parts of the data is important and which just adds statics to the whole picture. The data that has being analyzed will be stored into data warehouse and that works on data mining in order to analyze the data. Extracting large quantities of data involves using database techniques like spatial indices. To input data, analysis would do a lot of it. Further analysis would be possible with the help of input data like for example in predictive analytics and machine learning. Data mining helps a lot for the entire business of course.

Blog Redesign

I have just redesigned my blog here at Adam Jordan and will be providing you will brand new information on things like business intelligence, data mining, data warehouse and other OLAP related tools and systems.
We will see how you can optimize your company by using these tools and tell you what to spend your money on and what to stay far away from when it comes to business intelligence software.

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