Business Intelligence

the use of business intelligence analytics and dashboard for ERP systemsBusiness Intelligence, or just BI, is a way to view and use data across multiple databases and applications.
Business Intelligence is often used for compilation and summary of data from various ERP systems, production systems, customer databases, time & attendance systems and payroll systems, but can equally well be used in completely different worlds.
There are many small BI companies but most of these just don’t deliver the same amount of features and analytics power as the larger ones such as Microsoft BI, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition, TARGIT BI Suite and SAS Business Intelligence software. One of the most popular of these tools are the TARGIT Business Intelligence System which I think is one of the easist to work with and still offers as much as any of the other systems.

BI consists of:
• Collection of data, often automated, across different data sources
• Treatment, selecting, grouping and statistics on data
• Presentation and reporting of data in graphics systems.
• Drill down to find the most relevant data possible.

Use of Business Intelligence
• chief executive wants an overview and the possibility of juxtaposition of many different data from different data sources.
• The supervisor is needed to compare data from different data sources in his department and often across from other departments.

Implementation of Business Intelligence
• The user, typically a manager or controller function that describes what you want
• People with knowledge of business logic and data describing the data to be used by the systems
• The technician must be in dialogue with people with knowledge of business logic and application would develop a technical design, which can then be solved with these type of tools or in advanced decision support systems or data analytics systems in general. Many larger companies have these types of system integrated with their ERP (enterprice resource planning) systems in order to get the most out of the data those systems provide.
• Integrate into ERP systems such as Microsoft Dynamics AX and Nav for easy reporting and dashboard views.

As you can see BI can be used for a lot of things, all based on the old OLAP and data mining technologies. Many company leaders wants to see real time performance statistics and by using dashboard or reporting software he can easily have access to that any time and anywhere he wants using software such as the TARGIT Business Intelligence System. This is why companies such as ZAP, Targit and Microsoft keep making improvements to their BI software in order to provide their customers with the best possible ways of viewing their data and use these data to improve their companies.