Hello and welcome to my personal blog about data mining software and business intelligence tools where we will be looking into the many wonders of these fantastic OLAP systems and how they can benefit your company. I am Adam Jordan and work as a BI developer in Seattle US.

But lets first look at some of the definitions before we proceed.

Data Mining
Datamining or data mining as it’s more commonly called, is the process of analyzing data from data warehouse or various sources, find hidden patterns which may be used to get optimize your company or other tasks.

Data warehouse
A datawarehouse is a optimized database used in powering OLAP and data mining tools.

Business Intelligence
The expression Business Intelligence (often refered to simply as BI) covers the various the systems and programs that are used in the strategic planning process of a business. Such as system allows the business to collected, save and process the data gathered in their data warehouse in order to make decisions based on facts rather than a feeling which is why they are often called decision support systems (also known as DSS).

Where can I read more about Data Mining or Data Warehouse?
One of the best blogs at the moment with focus on dataming and OLAP tools are these two here:
Data warehouse software is a blog which mainly focus on data warehouse software and systems used for that. They also compare a few of the most popular BI systems and keep track of the latest news regarding datamining and datawarehouse tools in general. There was also some interesting cases about how you could implement Bi into your existing ERP system like Microsoft Dynamics Nav or other similar ERP systems. Here at Rosendahl watches – a company selling watches and smykker online, they implemented BI about a year ago, and as the CEO Paul Witt said – “It turned out to be the best decission we made since starting this company”. Pretty much the same they did on Baby Carriers from Baby Bæreseler as you can read in our new article about how the company Baby Bæreseler, took their baby carriers to a whole new level.

Using Business Intelligence to Improve Your Business
How can my company benefit from data mining tools or business intelligence software you may ask? Let’s take a small example. You are the CEO and in charge of running a small company with 12 employees and you decide to install a brand new business intelligence system for all to use. After a few months you take the first look at the huge amount of data collected by your brand new BI tool. To your surprise you discover that every day the average person in production spends about half an hour waiting for materials since the storage department isn’t working fast enough. So by hiring an addition person to storage you would remove much of the wait in the production and increase the amount of products they make every day. This is just one of the many examples of how you can optimize your company by using state of the art business intelligence software or other decision support systems in order to get the most out of your company and make the right decisions based on your facts provided by the various ERP and BI tools to accomplish your goal and take your company to a whole new level.

Mr. Adam Jordan has over the last 20 years been one of the leading experts on OLAP and Data Mining Software and will keep you updated with all the latest news on business intelligence and data warehouse tools which may help your company reach it’s full potential.